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This is just a little excerpt to help people get to know us and understand why we do the things we do!

First off, we opened July 3rd, 2013 with only six strains and a total of 14 inventory SKUs on our shelves ? Now we have about 18 strains at all times and over 100 Inventory SKUs! We are unique in that we price everything ‘Tax Inclusive’ so what you see is exactly what you pay and we do Deli Style Flower sales, which means we weigh out and package the flower in front of the customers. We believe this creates a better experience for the customers by providing fresher product and allowing the customers to see and smell the exact buds they will be purchasing. A slight side effect to this, however, is longer wait times and longer time spent with our lovely Patient Consultants while they weigh out and label the Flower. On normal days our wait time averages 3 minutes and our time spent with each Patient is 3 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is Ponderosa south of the city of Maricopa?
A: Back in 2012, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program still carried a HUGE negative stigma. Very few people were willing and able to take the risk of being a part of such a new industry that is still Federally looked down upon. Therefore, we couldn’t get any properties or the city to approve our use! That made us stretch outside the city limits and work with the County of Pinal to get a location opened. We are still in talks with the city and trying to work our way into the middle of Maricopa … so fingers crossed!

Q: Why are Ponderosa’s hours only 10am – 7pm?
A: Each Arizona Dispensary has to follow their local jurisdiction rules and regulations. Pinal County’s rules state that we can only be open for business from 10am to 7pm!

Q: Why doesn’t Ponderosa offer Delivery to Patients?
A:. Again, this one goes back to local jurisdiction rules and Pinal County states that we cannot do so. We have heard that they might be changing that rule soon though!

Q: Why do wait times get over 30 minutes sometimes?
A: Even though are average wait time is very low, we do run into large wait times during our Holiday Specials. Sometimes our Holiday deals are so awesome that they bring people in from all over Arizona (2 hour plus drives)! We only have enough space for 2 Check Out Registers so that creates a back log of Patients on certain days. We do however usually provide coupons for food and drinks for the restaurant next door. They have the best pizza in town and a very unique atmosphere. They were once featured on American Pickers TV Series for all their antiques and decor!

Q: Is your New Patient Special really a FREE 1/8th?
A: It sure is! We love meeting new people so we want everyone to come check us out so we try to make it worth your trip.

Q: What are your Specials?
A: Ponderosa is unique in that we have NEW and different Specials every single week (Monday thru Sunday)! Ask to join our email list to get updates every Monday or just simply check our SPECIALS tab on the top of our website.

Q: Does Ponderosa accept out of state medical cards?
A: Arizona law does not allow us to accept other state cards yet! We are sorry.

Q: Where is all your Flower grown?
A: Cannabis is not yet legally allowed to cross state lines. Therefore, all products and Flower you see in Dispensaries are grown and processed in the state of Arizona. Ponderosa has teamed up with a lot of other dispensaries to purchase, trade, and sell their products as well.